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and construction were not complete. the deadline for extending the fund's in completing extra actions -- construction is december 2013. for products with maintenance and construction agreement that remain outstanding, the timeline for completion becomes even more impressed. short term projects have also been the late. fra plan of the bidding bonds to these projects by september 2010. but not complete until september 2011 -- but did not complete until september 2011. stakeholder agreement requirements were completed on the case by case basis instead of providing guidance for completing these agreements. grantees reported that without this written guidance, they had difficulty understanding and expectations regarding the terms of the stakeholder agreement. buntsolders' also noted abdicated their ability to fund and complete their short-term project. we will continue to monitor guidance, establishing clear goals and measures and completing comprehensive training. all actions we have recommended as well as other areas we identified as critical to ensuring fra' successful internet -- imple
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1